The Holger Danske Network

The Western World is again under assault from the same medieval totalitarian political ideology that was driven-out of Europe by Charlemagne and Holger Danske over 1,100 years ago. It's the same theocratic menace that had to be repelled once again at the Gates of Vienna in 1683:


ISLAM is not simply a religion. At it's core, ISLAM also has a fundamental political ideology: to establish a global Caliphate (the Khalifa) that will rule the world and enforce Shariah Law on all Mankind.

Islamists seek to replace Western democracy with Islamic theocracy; to criminalize our freedom of speech and freedom of conscience; and to replace the authority of our constitutional laws with Shariah Law.

The cultural and political process of establishing Islamic Supremacy in The West---and throughout the World---is called Islamization.  Those who actively oppose the current Islamization of their country---or those who simply speak-out against it---are labelled as Islamophobes, fascists, and racists. For Islamists, the straw-man tactic of "falsely-labelling" their opponents (in order to "demonize" them) is proving to be as useful as the terrorist tactics they also employ.

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