In the West, non-Muslims have been taught that Islam is a religion of Peace.  Therefore, many Westerners think that jihad is something that only "radical Muslims" practice.

In reality, however, jihad ("the struggle") is a fundamental aspect of the Islamic paradigm.

Within the founding tenets of Islam is a mandate for believers to  continually struggle to spread Islam---and establish Sharia---throughout the world.  In effect, it is a religious duty of The Faithful to continually strive to transform every nation into an Islamic State.

This transformational process is called Islamization.

The first step in this process is achieved by establishing an Islamic colony ("Muslim community") within a host country. This is accomplished by exploitating misguided immigration policies, and the establishment of cultural enclaves as bases of operation.

The Islamization of a target nation then proceeds through Da'wah (recruitment) and Ta'lim (indoctrination); and through various forms of jihad (including stealth jihad, political activism, and violent jihad).  

Islamization is implemented from within a host nation, but it is directed, organized, and funded from the outside---through pan-national Islamist organizations like the OIC and The Muslim Brotherhood

On campus, the jihad against the West is being waged by groups like the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine

The video clip below describes how the process of Islamization is being actively implemented today, in what is called The Third Jihad:

In those Western nations where Leftist politicians have managed to weaken traditional cultural values (and common-sense)---by advancing their "progressive" policies of multiculturalism (i.e. non-assimiliation of immigrants or minorities into the national culture), political correctness (i.e. censorship of "offensive" speech), and tolerance (of subversive subcultures)---the continual process of Islamization encounters little resistance at first.

Most EU politicians are reluctant to speak-out against the invasive spread of Islam and Sharia within their countries (let alone do anything about it), because they've learned that the Liberal media will demonize them as "racists" and "fascists." Additionally, they may even have (so-called) "hate speech" charges filed against them. [see: UN Resolution 16/18]

Therefore, the preservation of national cultural identity and heritage---and the very defense of Liberty itself---has fallen upon patriotic citizen groups within each country. Coalitions of these national and regional groups---united by a common cause---has created a global counter-jihad movement that is focused on stopping Islamization throughout the world.