Counter Jihad Resource Links

Websites for Education, Sharing, and Networking.
If you have an appropriate website or blog to add to the list, post a comment below with the URL.

ACT! for America <---find local CJ activist groups across the USA
Al-Bab   <---Middle East News, Blogs, and Arab Culture
Ali Sina  <---Ex-Muslim talks about Islam 
American Thinker Search Page  <---enter "counter-jihad", etc
Answering Muslims <---news feed and lots of video clips
Apostates and Infidels <---great videos and blog links
Apostates of Islam <---global network of ex-Muslims
Atlas Shrugs - Pam Geller <---a founder of the CJ movement
Campus Reform - YWC <---Conservative campus groups
Campus Watch  <---keeping on eye on campus stealth jihad
Citizen Warrior  <---a wealth of info from this CJ warrior!
Discover the Networks <---stealth jihad and Islamist groups 
EuropeNews  <---The Site for daily global jihad news
Exposing Islam <---UK oriented articles and news 
Faith Freedom 
FreedomWorks <---find and join a local chapter in your area
FrontPage Magazine <---David Horowitz's MEGA website
Gates of Vienna  <---A Progenitor of the CJ Movement in Europe
Hodjanerens Blog  <---Denmark and English newsfeeds
Holger Awakens <---great blog on jihad and counter-jihad   
Islam Monitor   <---reports on creeping Sharia and jihad
Islam vs Europe <---news on the European front 
Islam Watch <---great articles and news stories
Jihad Watch <---a plethora of news stories around the world  
Klein Verzet NL  <---Netherlands POV
Klein Verzet - Fjordman Files <---archived Fjordman Files here
Lech Dharma's Worldview <---Islamization info page with videos 
Malkin on Islam  <---Michelle Malkin posts about Jihad
Political Islam  <---great counter-jhad blog
Radical Islam  <---counter-jihad blog with news
Religion of Peace  <---counter-jihad blog with lots of info 
The CounterJihad Report  <---a wealth of info and videos
The Anti-Islamist Coalition <---counter-jihad bloggers
Wiki Islam on the Net <---Blogs and Social Networks
Winds of Jihad


Idiot's Guide to Islam <---Iranian refugee explains Islam (audio clips)
Sharia Law in Australia
HairyEtta's Channel  <-----YT channel w lots of CJ clips
The CounterJihad Report's YT channel

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