Sunday, June 3, 2012

Reasons Why I Quit Islam Forever

My Reasons Why I Quit Islam Forever
Abdullah Qasim

I was born in a devout Muslim family belonging to Sunni sect of Islam. I come from an Islamic country but currently I live in a western country. During every Ramadan I used to faithfully fast. During my University study, one of my subjects was Islamic Studies. My professor of the subject glorified Islam and taught all the good deeds of the prophet of Islam. I was taught that Quran is the perfect and the best book sent by God. Islam should be dominant and supersede all the religions of the world. However I realized that he never mentioned why the prophet was so violent and killed so many people. He never mentioned the numerous contradictions in the Quran. He was blowing the trumpet of how other people were converting to Islam but he was in a state of denial (just like most Muslims) with the fact that many Muslims were leaving Islam...
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